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X-ray Technicians

August 26, 2014


Here’s an example of how the WAVES photographs were used in Navy publications, in this case the monthly WAVES Newsletter. Here, hospital corps workers (aka pharmacist’s mates) are at work at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.


X-ray Technicians

August 25, 2014


At the Naval hospital in Oakland, California, WAVES Eleanor Kerper and Dorothy Overstreet operate an x-ray machine checking for skull fracture on the patient.

The 1943 photo comes from the National Archives.

Photo Duty

August 24, 2014


Hey, there, photographer Marjorie Sellers! Say, “cheese!”  Sellers was one of two WAVES on photo duty at NAS Seattle. Here she’s working in the photo lab.

The photo comes from the National Archives.

Saturday Inspection

August 23, 2014


Every Saturday at the Treasure Island base, World War II-era WAVES were part of the “ship” inspection with the Captain (bases are known as ships in Navy parlance).  Above is a description of a typical Saturday inspection, including a charming story at the end, as published in the WAVES Newsletter.

Letters Home

August 22, 2014


In this 1943 photograph, WAVES Jane Rosenbaum, June Davis and Thelma Stretch (left to right) do their laundry and write letters at night in the room at Yeoman School in Stillwater Oklahoma.

The photo by Wayne Miller comes from the National Archives.

Film Simulator

August 21, 2014


From the Navy description of this photograph of WAVES in training at the Aviation Gunnery School in Pensacola, Florida:

This 3A-2 trainer shoots a beam of light at the moving picture of a pane projected on the screen. Movement of the place is controlled by the operator of the projector, a WAVE who completed the course 2 weeks earlier.

The photo comes from the National Archives.

At the Train Station

August 20, 2014


Another in our summer travel series. Here, WAVES are at the Norman, Oklahoma train station buying tickets.

The 1943 photo comes from the National Archives.


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