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Hawaii Jobs

January 21, 2015


As 1945 progressed, more and more WAVES would arrive in Hawaii doing more and more jobs, including this batch of air traffic controllers.

From Secretary to WAVE

January 20, 2015


WAVE Emma Denton Shelton, who left a job as a secretary at the Nashville Tennessean to become a WAVE. She became a communications officer in the Sixth Naval District, Charleston, SC. Here she’s walking home from work.

The photograph comes from the National Archives.

Fast Learners

January 19, 2015


From the National Archives notes about this photograph,

AMM Instructor says WAVES are quicker at learning than men.

Hair Raising

January 18, 2015


War or no war, we must have clean hair

– reads the caption from this photograph from 1943. WAVES at the “modern and up-to-date” beauty salon at NATTC Norman, Oklahoma.

It comes from the National Archives.

Plotting Coordinates

January 17, 2015


Have you ever been to Treasure Island? These WAVES are tracking aircraft positions at the San Francisco Bay base.

Helping Hand

January 16, 2015


WAVE Dolores Perpente, a Pharmacist’s Mate, helps Ensign Lucille Beane of the Navy Nurse Corps, dressing the wound of an Iowa Jima veteran.

New Cap

January 15, 2015


The WAVES Newsletter announcement of a new WAVES garrison cap, effective January 15, 1945.


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