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Engine Work

October 24, 2014


Jacksonville WAVES work on a plane engine in this October 1943 photograph.

It’s by Ens. V. Jorgensen and comes from the National Archives.

The “Christmas Tree”

October 23, 2014


Yes, we realize it’s only October and too early for Christmas decorations! But this “Christmas Tree” is a place where equipment is stored and organized. WAVE Mary Edna Miller headed there to grab some nuts and bolts in this 1943 photograph.

It’s by Ens. V. Jorgensen and it comes from the National Archives.

WAVES the Riveters

October 22, 2014


It’s not just Rosies who had riveting duties. Here, WAVES at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida, do some repair work on a plane. They are (left to right) Mary Cleo Smith, Doris Youlio, and Mary Gale Booth.

The photograph by Ens. V. Jorgensen comes from the National Archives.

Engine Repair

October 22, 2014


WAVES learn to repair and maintain engines on a Navy flight plane during training in Norman, Oklahoma.

The photograph by Lt. JG Wayne Miller comes from the National Archives.

Frank Sinatra

October 20, 2014


The singing star spent some time harmonizing with the WAVE singing platoon during World War II.

The photograph appeared in the newsletter for the WAVE training school in the Bronx, Conning Tower.


Elizabeth Reynard

October 20, 2014


Elizabeth Reynard was one of the women who helped to organize basic training for the WAVES and came up with their name. I’m not sure of the date of this newspaper feature on her, but it offers an interesting insight into one of the earliest World War II-era WAVES.

“Where Did You Get That Hat?”

October 18, 2014


This is one of our favorite color photographs of the WAVES, showing women trying on the new overseas hat at Naval Air Station New Orleans. The hat would be a uniform addition (the “bucket” style hat would also remain an option during World War II), bu the overseas hat would eventually become the sole uniform standard for Navy women in the post-war years.

The photograph comes from the National Archives.



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