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Naval Hospital, Oakland

June 5, 2014


In this photograph from 1943, WAVE Madeline Catman, Pharmacist’s Mate 3rd Class, is cutting and mounting paraffin blocks at the Naval Hosptial, Oakland, California.

The photograph comes from the National Archives.


Link Instruction

June 4, 2014


In this photo from June of 1943, a U.S. Navy Commander “listens is” as a WAVE gives instruction to a pilot of a Link trainer flight simulator in the Navy Department, Washington DC.

The photo by Edward Burkes comes from the National Archives.

June 3, 1943

June 3, 2014


WAVES welding at the Naval Air Technical Training Center in Norman, Oklahoma. This photo was first released by the Navy on June 3, 1943.

The photograph comes from the National Archives.

The American Red Cross in World War II: Photos

May 13, 2014

French Honor 34 World War II Vets at West Point

May 13, 2014

Well overdue.

NE Union & Graham, 1929

May 13, 2014


Vintage Portland

This old building on the northwest corner of NE Union at Graham Street had quite a distinctive look. The photographer managed to capture a few of the neighborhood denizens, including the two children watching from the second floor window.

A2009-009.1039 NE Union & Graham 1929(City of Portland Archives)

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December 13, 1943, part II

December 14, 2013


Another shot of the airplane that went down in that fatal plane crash, December 13, 1943. Pilot training was often more dangerous, WAVES tell us, than the actual battle combat.

The photo comes from the National Archives.