Link Practice


WAVE Norene Savage, Sp(T)3c, prepared equipment and instructs Lt. William R. Austin in flying a charted course by instruments in a Link Trainer at Naval Air statoion Seattle, Washington. She’s explaining the chart to Austin.

The photo comes from the National Archives and was first published 70 years ago today, October 26, 1943.

Into the Cockpit


WAVE Ensign Mary McLean steps into the cockpit in flight gear while on duty at NAS Squantum, Massachusetts. Looking on are Lt. Leo J. Houle, the pilot, and Ensign Barbara Hunter. Lt. Houle was a former Flying Tiger pilot on the Chinese front.

The photo comes from the National Archives.

New Construction


70 years ago today, October 14, 1943, WAVES commander Mildred McAfee was on an inspection tour of the Norfolk Naval Base. Here, she inspects construction plans for the new Women’s Reserve barracks at the receiving station. Left to right: Capt. Thomas S. McCloy, McAfee, WAVE Grace Dimelow, and Micajah Boland.

The photo comes from the National Archives.

Can I Help You?


In this day of automated answering services, it seems almost quaint to think that a real live person might answer the telephone at a Navy base. But WAVE S.M. Pugh had that duty during World War II at the Acorn Training Detachment, Port Hueneme, California.

Here, she learns the ropes on the base switchboard in October 1943.

The photo comes from the National Archives.

Air Traffic Control


This image looks really similar to the one we featured yesterday, from the cover of the WAVES Newsletter. But in this image from October of 1943, the two WAVES are studying the technique of air traffic control at the Air Traffic Control Tower Operators School, NAS Atlanta, Georgia.

The women’s course of study was six weeks long beyond boot camp. When they completed, they received a rate at 3/c petty officer and were assigned to air traffic control towers across the country.

The photo comes from the National Archives.