Experiments in Storytelling

We’ve been neglecting the blog a bit recently, because we’ve been experimenting with a new storytelling platform. TagWhat brings virtual reality to storytelling, allowing us to geo-tag artifacts and share them with people via the smart phone app. In our case, we’re telling a part of Margaret Anderson Thorngate’s story. But while the blog brings her story to you in your home or office (or wherever), in TagWhat we can also bring her story to the location. So if the user has the app downloaded to a smartphone and goes to the U.S.S. Missouri, Margaret’s story about her experiences aboard the ship pops up on the phone for the user to see.  You can also watch it online.

We think that this can be another platform, in addition to our website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and, of course, this blog to share the story of the Navy WAVES and Coast Guard SPARs.

It’s a pretty cool format. Take a look at Margaret’s story and let us know what you think – even if you haven’t seen it at the Missouri.

Thorngate @ the U.S.S. Missouri
Margaret Anderson Thorngate visits the U.S.S. Missouri

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