Growing Up

Jean Clark was stationed at NAS Lake Washington for two and a half years. She said her experience in the Navy changed her outlook on life:

Well, I think it helped me to grow up a little bit. You know. I said, you know, I was 19 when we were married and well, ’45 I was 24. And during that time, I think was pretty green, I was, you know, about the rest of the world and after that,  we sort of took advantage of some things and got to go a little farther then we might’ve before.

This is a photograph taken at NAS Lake Washington of WAVES and a sailor relaxing between assignments. It comes from the collection of Jean Clark.


  1. Joan Newman says:

    Love the photo…the guy is soooo brown and the ladies are so fair…interesting..he must have his shirt off often.

    1. His job may have given him opportunities to be shirtless. The gunner posts were often really warm and the guys sometimes even were nude when using the guns. Photographer Horace Bristol did a great study of men aboard ship during World War II:

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