Even though Jean Byrd grew up during the Depression, she still dreamed big.

 You know how you wish for things?  My mother had a gentleman who would take her, my aunt and another lady, he would take them shopping because he had a car. They would go and shop, and they would pay him and I thought that was so nice. So one Saturday, I said, “You know, I would like to buy some property.” Well, I was working then and I had a few dollars.  I said, “I don’t have much, but I’d like find out how much land costs, how much you need” and this and that and the other thing.  I had a nice black dress and black pocketbook and this that and the other.  I said, “I’m going to get dressed and ask Mr.” I forget his name now “to take me out to this place so I can find out something about land.”  Didn’t have a dime.  A few dollars.  I think my first account I put two dollars in. Well, that’s what I got paid.  Two dollars a week. That was way back.  ’40 — I forget the year. ’30, ’38 I came out of high school. Anyway, this is what I was going to do.  I was going to act like I had some money and I was a lady who had some prestige.

This photo comes from the Jean Byrd Stewart collection.

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