“You’re Needed in the Government”

Jean Byrd Stewart found that her service to the United States didn’t end after World War II. When New Jersey began its urban renewal in the latter part of the 20th century, she was asked to represent the state in health matters. Then she volunteered with Title One, helping to improve opportunities for children at two economically disadvantaged Catholic schools. Next thing she knew, she was asked to volunteer with Service for America.

A lady who worked for the government said, “You’re needed in the government.” I was sent to, up to Hannibel, Missouri.  It was interested working with senior citizens.  Then there were some handicapped, disabled children there. And that was a learning experience. Being in the Navy, that’s an insignia that follows you through it seems.

When she returned home, her mother was sick, so Jean took care of her while attending college to help supplement her degree.

This photograph comes from the collection of Jean Byrd Stewart.

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