“Do For Yourself”

Even after her years with the Peace Corps, Jean Byrd Stewart still kept volunteering and giving. She shaded her stories. Wrote a book.

There was a to-do in Washington, DC, after the women had been in 50 years. I had to write of my involvement at the Navy. All of us that spoke at that particular affair, that was supposed to have been put together in a book form. Some of  them sent it back typed up and some didn’t.  I still have mine.  You should see the paper.  Even when I went to Africa, that was something.  I saved that.  I can add that to my book.  All those things blend together and come to something decent.

It wasn’t until late 2006 that Jean finally decided to stop volunteering.

I’ve done for others. As someone said, “Do for yourself.”   And that’s not being selfish because I’ve given a lot of years to other people.

This is a copy of a commendation Jean received from the state of New Jersey. It comes from the collection of Jean Byrd Stewart.

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