The “Campaign”

You had to be 20 to go in.  Your brothers could go in at 18.  And so I had a lot of friends that spent their 19th year trying to persuade the old man to sign for you. “What about Rosie O’Donnell’s father letting her join the Marines and you don’t mean to say the O’DConnells have more moxie than the Demodys!”  It was a campaign.

-Josette Dermody, World War II WAVE

This photo from the WAVES Hunter College boot camp shows Josette Dermody at front lower right (with her head turned). It comes from the collection of Josette Dermody Wingo.


  1. Mrs. Denise M. Prater says:

    According to my mother’s official military records, she attended boot camp at Hunter College from 17 August 1943 to 22 September 1943. She was trained in Radio comunications. Were you there during this time also? Please be so kind and see if you wouldn’t mind answering this question. I actually have several others, but, first things first. Thanks so much. Denise

    1. None of the people involved in this project were a part of the WAVES – we’re just historians and filmmakers interested in this aspect of history (which hasn’t been told). Thanks for your interest!

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