“Buying Fasion”

Always remember that simplicity is the keynote of dressing smartly. Avoid choosing fashions that were “in” when you went into the Navy; chances are they’re “out” now. Here’s where your study of fashion magazines comes in.

Try to get clothes that are coming into fashion. You will be happier with them longer.

Avoid the fashion you meet on every third woman. When you see the same dress in every shop window, you may be sure it has reached its peak of popularity, and is not going to last as long, fashion-wise, as something which is in far less quantity.

Avoid the pitfall of exaggerated fashions; the too-wide shoulder, the too-nipped-in waist. The too-deep armhole. When in doubt, always take the middle of the road.

From the booklet “Back to Civvies,”  held by the The Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

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