“What About Your Uniform?”

Remove the insignia and sex on plain blue buttons.

Don’t cut it, decorate it, remodel it, or otherwise change it. It was designed by a fine designer. If you are tired of it, hang it up in the closet after you have changed the buttons. Don’t look at it again until next season. Then treat it as your smart tailored suit, and do any of these things with it:

  • Wear a gay hat and a bright checked or striped scarf.
  • Wear a bright green or lemon yellow blouse, or a shocking pink or frilly white dickey. Add the most feminine of hats.
  • With your white uniform, wear your Navy blue shirt and a blue hat. Or a black blouse and black accessories. Or wear deep, bright colors with it.
  • Wear luggage tan accessories with either uniform, and remember that they are both perfect neutrals, and foils for any other color harmonies that you want to use.

From the booklet “Back to Civvies,”  held by the The Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

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