Happy Thanksgiving!

This National Archive photograph comes from a photo shoot at the American-Indian Exposition at Anadarko, Oklahoma.

The caption reads:

It was a great day for two proud American parents when their WAVE daughters came in time to celebrate with them the American-Indian Exposition. It is the Beaver family, all full-blooded Delaware-Shawnee Indians. The photographer caught them all together against this background on the Exposition Pageant grounds. They are (l-r) Margaret, their mother; Delores, Specialist 2nd Class; Jones, their father; and Beulah, Specialist 2nd Class; their little brother Roger is sporting a new hat and an all-day sucker. The WAVES are being congratulated by one of the champion dancers of the pageant, Jack Hokesh, Kiowa.

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Homefront Heroines crew!

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