Engine Work


At NAS Jacksonville, Florida, WAVE Bernice Sansburg, Aviation Machinist 3/c, and Violet Palkum, Aviation Machinist 3/c, work on the engine of an SNJ (a navy fighter plane). Both are graduates from the Navy’s Technical Training Center, Norman, Oklahoma.

This 1943 photograph comes from the National Archives.


  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    I realize the caption is from the National Archives but if it is a SNJ (and it appears to be), it is a trainer aircraft. It is not a fighter plane. The Army equivalent was the T-6 Texan. I believe both were built by North American.

    1. Thanks for the note. Yes, we’re using titles on many of these provided by the Navy/National Archives for press purposes and sometimes those title have mistakes. There is one photo we’re running next week which dates from WWII but the archive caption says it’s from the 1950s! Best we can figure, it was the acquisition date and not the actual photo date.

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