Capt. Mildred H. McAfee, USNR, accompanied by Rear Adm. George S. Bryan, USN, inspects the WAVES on duty at the Hydrographic Office, Suitland, MD. She is saluting the colors as WAVES pass in review.

The photo comes from the National Archives.


  1. gpcox says:

    I really don’t do enough about the women during WWII – I’m going to have to get busy on that!!

    1. The work they did is really quite amazing – and I’m happy if you want to reshare these posts!

      1. gpcox says:

        I did quite a scrolling through looking for something that coordinates with the period I am at. It’s a little difficult without an archives or Search slot. Do you have a post from when the WAVES or SPURS first started gearing into WWII, somewhere in the first 6 months of 1942?

      2. I’ll pm you some of the exact pages (a search function – how novel -hahaha).

        But in the meantime, check out our regular website The sections From “Gobettes” to WAVES (and SPARs) and Uniform Identity should be of help. The site is wordpress-based, but hosted elsewhere, so it may be more difficult to just “share.”

        We also have videos (embedded from our YouTube channel) about WAVES’ experiences on WAVES and SPARs Stories (WAVES Part II). Helen (Edgar) Gilbert, (Edna) Jean Clark, and Margaret Gay were all part of the first WAVES classes in late 1942.

      3. Just added a search function!

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