Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, we offer a salute to the men and women who have served, and those who have died in service to our country.

This photograph, circa 1943, shows WAVES at Hunter College in the Bronx, New York, saluting the flag. It comes from the National Archives.


  1. dolphinwrite says:

    I received my education during an era when America was #1 in the world, but I still needed to do my own research, listen, and learn, also thinking for myself. There has recently been much said regarding the flag and America. Thankfully, I can listen, but also do my own research. I understand, today, that many centuries were involved in the United States of America becoming, that theoretically it never should have happened. Many countries came here. Over a loooong time, eventually the 13 colonies formed, but were still not the United States. Throughout this time, long before we united, much good and bad had occurred. This happens in every country. But thankfully, realizing we needed to unite in order to survive, some very thoughtful and insightful people fought for freedom. People like John Locke and Montesque (spell?) helped the framers create the U.S. Constitution, the best framework ever. And because of these efforts and more, we created the best country ever, and today, freedom is for everyone. And yes, men and women died in the hopes of something better, but also in defending this country against tyranny and oppression. Do we still have challenges? Of course. We always will. That’s life. But let’s remember those of the past, truly understand history, and realize we still stand with the hopes of better tomorrows. This is very important. There is an old, but very true saying. If we forget the lessons of the past, we will be doomed to repeat those errors. I continue to learn the lessons of the past, appreciating more and more what the framers and all those who helped create and defend this country have done. Many are working hard today for this dream, which is a reality

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