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Stunning Views!

May 23, 2019
WAVE barracks in Virginia.
Courtesy National Archives

Pictured is the Henderson Hall Women Marines’ barracks in Arlington, Virginia. Looks like a fine piece of real estate! The barracks are essential to bonding in any military organization, bringing the feeling of home right to the base.


P-Mail!, pt. 2

May 22, 2019
WAVE training passenger pigeon.
Courtesy National Archives

In the above photograph, WAVE Ethel Haberman fixes a message on to her latest trainee and preps it for takeoff. If only it knew it was carrying the weight of the war upon its wings.

P-Mail!, pt. 1

May 18, 2019
WAVE training pigeons.
Courtesy National Archives

Messenger pigeons were an invaluable form of communication during the first and second World Wars. It was crucial that these birds be highly trained, highly motivated, and highly fed!


May 14, 2019
WAVE filling vials of medicine.
Courtesy National Archives

Here, Primrose Robinson, Hospital Corpsman, fills several vials of antibiotics in preparation for a fleet departure. Sickness on a ship could devastate crews for weeks – best to be precautious!

No, No, I Don’t Mean Pin-Up Girl

May 11, 2019
WAVE posing at bowling pins.
Courtesy National Archives

Pictured here is WAVE Jacqueline Davis at the WAVES Quarters D bowling alley, posing for her ‘pin-girl’ photo. Not exactly what you had in mind, but it works.

I’ve Seen Better…

May 8, 2019
WAVES inspecting 20mm gun.
Courtesy National Archives

In the Philadelphia Naval Yard, three WAVES examine some of the firepower on one of the PT boats. This 20mm machine gun can sure do some damage, and these WAVES are trained and ready to make it count.

Precision Packed

May 5, 2019
WAVES packing horological instruments.
Courtesy National Archives

In the photo above, these WAVES are examining and separating individual horological instruments for use in the fleet at the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. Time is of the essence!