Cellestial Navigation


WAVES undergoing a 10-week course at Navy Link Celestial Navigation, Trainer Operators and Maintenance Schools at NAS, Seattle, WA. WAVES study the earth’s relation to the celestial sphere in order to train pilots in navigation.

Here, Lt. (jg) M.L. Lansing, USN, Officer-in-charge of the Link Celestial Navigation Trainer School, briefs the WAVE students.

The 1944 photograph comes from the National Archives.

Switchboards + Guns


The Navy’s description of this photo from the Naval Air Gunners School in Hollywood, Florida:

‘Telephone girls’ at a deadly switchboard wear head-phones hooking them to their pupils as the tell the latter the ‘wrong numbers’ they get in firing at targets on the high-speed range. The turrets are identical to the ones the future gunners will occupy on warplanes.

The photo comes from the National Archives.