Work Dutites

This odd snipped from a newsletter is another example of the comic-inspired images used by WAVES. The newsletters were generally run off on a mimeograph machine. For those who came of age after the 1970s, the mimeograph was a forerunner of the photocopy machine that used used a stencil for duplication. The stencil/printing ink combo had a very distinctive smell, and it wasn’t photo-friendly. Hence, the drawings.

It comes from the Schlesinger Library at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies.

Drawings and Such

We’re beginning a series on cartoons and other WAVES drawings for the HH blog.  This image (from an orientation booklet) is typical of the images made during the time. The WAVE looks young and a little overwhelmed or excited by her new experience at WAVE Quarters D (which was in Washington, DC).

It comes from the Schlesinger Library at the Racliffe Institute for Advanced Studies.