Folding the ‘Chute


WAVES Enolia Wodfin (left) and Evelyn Wiley (right) fold a parachute at Los Alamitos Naval Air Station in California. They’re handling the silk ‘chute carefully, because silk was a precious commodity during World War II.

The photograph comes from the National Archives.

Parachute Rigger


Evelyn Wiley, a WAVE stationed at NAS Los Alamitos in California, hangs a parachute in the dry locker room. This allows the parachute to unfold and keep its elasticity. The life of a parachute is seven years.

The photograph comes from the National Archives.

Packing a ‘Chute

In this photo from the National Archives, two enlisted WAVES at NAS NOLA pack a parachute during an open house held as part of the WAVES 2nd anniversary celebration in 1942. Everyone in the audience is paying close attention to the audience, except for the little girl in the lower right, who noticed the presence of a camera.