The Firecracker War Bond Booth – In Color!


Here’s another photo of  the “Firecracker War Bond Booth,” this one in color, from  June 26, 1944 (70 years ago this week), set up to sell War Bonds in advance of the July 4th holiday at Naval Air Station Seattle. The goal was to earn enough to fund two PT Boats; the boats cost about $300,000 each. IMG_3801

The photo comes from the National Archives.

The Firecracker War Bond Booth


WAVES were part of War Bond Campaigns at bases around the nation. This one at the Naval Air Station in Seattle was dubbed the “Firecracker War Bond Booth.” Given that the photo was first published on June 26, 1944 (70 years ago today!), we wonder if it had anything to do with the upcoming July 4th holiday?

Here, Mary Lindenmuth and Mary Daily, two WAVE officers, buy the first bonds for sale at the booth. Lindenmuth was Executive Officer of the WAVES at NAS Seattle and Daily was the 13th Naval District Director of the WAVES.

The photo comes from the National Archives.