The Story Begins…

Margaret grew up in Carpinteria, CA., during the Depression.  Her family lived two blocks from the beach. Carpinteria – just south of Santa Barbara – is known as the “World’s Safest Beach” and it’s where Margaret learned how to swim.

During World War II, she volunteered as a civilian aircraft spotter: she would sit on the beach with a friend and watch for aircraft off the coast. One day she was manning her post on a sand dune, when she met the man who would eventually become her husband of 64 years.

Fred, an Army officer stationed on the coast, came walking along the beach in cream-colored bathing trunks, introduced himself, and the rest was history.  She only knew him for a few months before he was shipped off to a new location, but they wrote back and forth and married after the war.  World War II ended while they were on their honeymoon.


” I wanted to get out of Carpinteria for one thing. I wanted to see the world. I suppose I had a lot of great ideas but you just didn’t really expect them to happen.”

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