Navy Lingo

I fall into Navy jokes. We called the blankets the admiral so you could write home and say, “I was sleeping with my admiral” (laughs).  There was a lounge upstairs with no men allowed. And a phone, I think one phone in the hallway, which meant you had to train your roommates to take your messages.  “Tell Ronald I’m dying of pneumonia and tell my mom I’ll call her back next Tuesday (laughs) and tell Gerald I’m” — you don’t want to sound too eager.  “Oh, it’s you Gerald! Yes da da da da da.”  Everybody talks about all the camaraderie, so in one sense we were not exactly careful, but close to each other. We made a circle around where the guys would not wear us down.

-Josette Dermody, World War II WAVE

This photograph shows WAVES and sailors going out for a meal; Josette Dermody is third from the left. It comes from the collection of Josette Dermody Wingo.


  1. niva(tovo) says:

    I know Josette, she use to belong to our WAVES unitSan Fernando Waves #86. Last I heard she was living in Camarillo, Ca

    1. She’s also a part of the film – we’ve talked with her for it. She’s a fabulous lady!

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