Gunnery Films


WAVE Bertha May Rasmussen rewinds a film used to project a target on the screen. The film is used during gunner training. Rasmussen taught men how to track and bring down the on-screen target – skills which would later be used in the field.

The photograph comes from the National Archives.

Training Films


Check out the left-hand side of this photograph. Those are animated figures, included in training films to, in the words of the Navy, “add interest.” Here, Jane Orbison inserts the figures into the films at the Photo Science Lab in Anacostia, Washington, DC.

The photo comes from the National Archives.


Color Week, Day 2


At the photographic lab, Naval Air Station Norfolk, motion picture titles are made in this room where a WAVES artist prepares backgrounds and lettering for shooting by the cameramen at the left.

This week we’re featuring only color World War II-era photos.

This photo comes from the National Archives.

Here Come the WAVES


It was Christmas week, 1944, that the feature film Here Come the WAVES (film still above) premiered in New York, but WAVES got a sneak peek before the premiere.


The film features Betty Hutton, playing twin sisters who join the WAVES, and Bing Crosby, as the celebrity who joins the Navy in order to help the war effort.

Christmas In Connecticut


The 1945 romance features Barbara Stanwyck as a single-gal New York-dwelling food journalist Elizabeth Lane (think Martha Stewart if Martha Stewart couldn’t cook) and Dennis Morgan as Jefferson Jones, the hero sailor she’ll host for the holidays on “her” Connecticut farm.

Arrange it, are you crazy? Where am I gonna get a farm? I haven’t even got a window box!

Elizabeth Lane learning she’ll be hosting a sailor at “her” farm for Christmas.