Radio Class

IMG_1863This image appeared with the story about training in radio in the December 1943 edition of the WAVES News Letter. WAVES trained at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

The newsletter comes from the Schlesinger Library at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.

Careful Timing

Radio coding class is in session, in this photograph from the National Archives. The University of Wisconsin Madison was one of the first training centers for WAVES to open, beginning in October of 1942.

In this photo, the instructor (in the foreground) carefully times his rate of sending coded messages with his timer, which is in his left hand.

Classroom Coding

A sea of young women in headsets – that was typical of how WAVES learned the skill of radio coding at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, one of the first training schools that opened for WAVES in fall of 1942.

The photograph comes from the National Archives.