Mellizas Peligrosas


Here Come the WAVES was released worldwide, including in Sweden (Flottans farliga flickor, November 1945), Finland (Laivaston heilat, December 1946), Turkey (Gönüllü melekler, 1947), Denmark (En rigtig sailor, August 1947), and Portugal (A Tentação da Sereia, May 1949).

The poster above is from the Argentinian version of the film, known as Mellizas Peligrosas, or Dangerous Twins. The poster below from the Denmark release, which translates as A Real Sailor.



The Mascot

WAVES Naval training school, ca. 1940s.

Watching football this weekend? Maybe this photo of some WAVES at the USS Hunter (aka Hunter College Boot Camp in New York) will help you get some team spirit. Give me an N! Give me an A! Give me a V! Give me a Y!  What’s that spell? NAVY!!!

The photo comes from the New York Historical Society.